IT Governance

Firewall Security

A single security breach can cripple your business. To protect your interests, we at Infoheal Technologies bring you advanced firewall services. As part of this firewall service, we set up operate and manage firewalls for our customers.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Secure your business data and protect your endpoints from all malware threats with the best Antivirus security solutions. If you are a managed services provider (MSP) and want to increase your value to customers and grow your business, then we are your perfect partner for security.

Pro-Active & schedule Maintenance Services

Our proactive IT maintenance activities are tied closely to our systems monitoring service. When imminent or potential failures are detected, we arrange for proactive work to avert problems and maintain your supported systems at optimum availability and operational levels. Scheduled maintenance can incorporate remote and on-site activities. Any changes and updates made to your infrastructure and applications are carried out in accordance with our fully document Change Management Process and will be logged and recorded for you as part of the agreed management reporting set up for your service.

Asset Management System

Getting the most return from your IT investment starts with a clear view of all your hardware and software assets. We help you gain visibility, compliance, and control of your IT assets to reveal the true value they deliver. We enable you to discover, configure, manage, and secure all of your IT end points.

IT Policies And Guidelines

IT Policies are in place to enable the efficient and effective operation of the Company’s IT services for its member, customers and guests. The policies cover all aspects of IT services, including acceptable use, email, telephones, user account management, music, video and software piracy, and more.

Information security management system

ISMS represents the collation of all the interrelated/interacting information security elements of an organization so as to ensure policies, procedures, and objectives can be created, implemented, communicated, and evaluated to better guarantee an organization's overall information security. This system is typically influenced by organization's needs, objectives, security requirements, size, and processes.